Internet of Things Drives Enterprise Asset Intelligence






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We live in a connected world, and technology is embedded in everything we do.

Converting the physical to the digital allows you to know the location, motion and state of your assets, people and transactions.

As enterprises look to data for actionable insight into their operations and processes, the Internet of Things comes to the forefront—contributing to the stream of data that organizations will store and mine.

Harnessing this new wave of technology allows you to make more informed decisions and improve performance.

Connecting your devices to robust cloud technology will allow you to capture and share mission-critical data—making the smart, connected enterprise a reality.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Philip Gerskovich to gain Zebra Technologies' perspective on Internet of Things and Enterprise Asset Intelligence.

Philip is the Senior Vice President of New Growth Platforms with Zebra Technologies.

You may be familiar with Zebra’s cloud-based platform for individual and enterprise applications, but did you know that “Zatar” stands for “Zebra Avatar”? See what Zatar can do for you at

Contact Zebra at 1 847 634 6700 or click here.

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