AI Tackles Complex Networks





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To manage complex networks IT teams need to turn to the power of artificial intelligence.

For IT professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) has come to represent both an exciting field of opportunity as well as a potential complication.

Although itís only just begun to see real-world applications, itís already clear that AI will change the tech landscape.

And digital systems professionals that arenít preparing for the impact that AI will have on their industries arenít doing their job.

Whatís more, itís become increasingly clear that AI wonít be restricted to just a few discrete verticals ó it will take on mission-critical roles throughout the entirety of the global economy.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Tony Pugielli and Chris Voll to gain their perspectives on artificial intelligence in complex networks.

Tony is a Manager of Systems Engineers at Turn-key Technologies and Chris is a Vice President Technical Services at Turn-key Technologies.

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