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Information and intelligence gathered from a retailerís eCommerce site can provide valuable insights into emerging shopping trends and help improve future eCommerce performance.

However, many potential eCommerce purchases end up with abandoned shopping carts.

With so much at stake, understanding customer buying behavior is critical.

It is especially important for merchants to identify trends that can be applied to help boost profits and reduce online shopping cart abandonment.

By having the ability to analyze data acquired online, retailers are able to pinpoint not only the areas that need improvement but also those that succeeded.

To gain a competitive edge, select a strong Product Information Management solution to create better customer experiences, more streamlined internal processes across the enterprise, increased efficiency and profit.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Christophe Marcant to gain Stibo Systems' perspective on Master Data Management.

Christophe is VP Product Strategy at Stibo Systems.

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On-line retailing is challenging. How often do you see half-full shopping carts left abandoned in the aisles of your local retail store? Fortunately, this isn't the daily norm for Bricks & Mortar stores. However, according to Forbes Magazine, 72% of all potential eCommerce purchases are abandoned during the on-line shopping experience.

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