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Decision Management can deliver fantastic ROI but its adoption is limited by a steep learning curve.

Business rules requirements need to be specific, clear and actionable.

By doing so, business rules implementations converge quickly to high quality and accurate business rules, significantly reducing uncertainty and project risk.

Decision Management technologies provide agility; but you can make DM more Performance-Driven by leveraging business data and analytics in context at authoring time.

A wealth of tacit knowledge resides in the heads of Customer Service personnel or Call Center Agents.

The key to gaining a competitive advantage is capturing that tacit knowledge out of the collective.

That tacit knowledge can then support Case Workers making manual decisions, providing insights on the impact of those decisions in real-time.

Furthermore, at decision time, collaboration between skilled workers allows you to crowd-source the most educated decision, keeping track of the reasoning behind that decision for consideration to be eventually automated.

We interview Carole-Ann Matignon to gain Sparkling Logic's perspective on social logic.

Carole-Ann is CEO and Founder of Sparkling Logic.

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