DOM Enables Movement at Omnichannel Environment Pace





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Distributed Order Management (DOM) systems have become a critical platform for successful omnichannel commerce in retail and consumer goods companies.

At the same time, many companies are finding the need for new Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) as e-fulfillment requirements evolve.

High volume complex warehouse operations without a channel integration strategy suffer from inefficacy and high costs.

Inaccurate orders and shipping delays degrade customer satisfaction while escalating freight and inventory carrying costs that erode profit margins.

Retailers are looking for operational agility rather than the inflexibility of existing systems to move at the pace of the Omnichannel environment.

Leading firms are leveraging an adaptable business process engine that accepts and prioritizes orders from multiple sales channels and optimizes multi-channel fulfillment.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Dan Gilmore to gain Softeon's perspective on the Distributed Order Management.

Dan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Softeon.

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