ITOA Prevents Data Center Outages Before They Occur






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IT departments are looking to better leverage the analytical capabilities used by business.

But, IT professionals are finding that a fragmented view of partial operations can impede their ability to analyze root causes of data center incidents.

So, resolve incidents effectively, IT needs to work with an analytic tool that gives a single view of all devices within IT from applications, to network devices, to servers.

That would be anything that generates a syslog.

While realtime monitoring and alerting are important, being interrupted because of a text message saying there’s a performance issue could be unwanted.

Consequently, avoiding degradation or outages in advance could have material benefit to your organization.

Michael Lippis interviews Angela Harvey to gain SAP's perspective on IT Operations Analytics or ITOA.

Angela is a SAP Director of Solution Management for Big Data and Analytics.

Contact SAP at 1-800-7872-1727 or click here.

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