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Most companies rely on diverse monitoring tools to support daily operations in their data centers.

The result is a fragmented view of partial operations, which prevents users from gaining a holistic view of their operations.

A fragmented view also impedes their ability to analyze root causes of data center incidents.

To resolve incidents effectively, you need a comprehensive view and the tools to monitor your landscape.

To gain an edge, select an ITOA solution that increases IT operational responsiveness by allowing your staff to focus on analyzing, detecting, and predicting incidents based on event log data, rather than just reacting.

Michael Lippis interviews Angela Harvey and John Schitka to gain SAP's perspective on IT Operations Analytics or ITOA.

Angela is a SAP Director of Solution Management for Big Data and Analytics and John a Director of Big Data Solutions Marketing for SAP.

Contact SAP at 1-800-7872-1727 or click here.

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