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It’s both ironic and unfortunate: Across organizations, decision makers are swimming in information, yet they still struggle to really “know” their business.

They cannot access relevant data easily, navigate it quickly, organize it meaningfully, or make decisions with any degree of certainty.

Business analytics should enable everyone within an organization to achieve remarkable results.

How? By enabling users to know every aspect of their business — relative to them; by enabling decisions to be made with confidence — balancing risk and opportunity; and by enabling users to act boldly — responding to events as they unfold, taking coordinated action, and learning and improving over time.

As you look to purchase an analytics solution, consider whether it will do what you need and whether there are avoidable hidden costs for training, implementation, or deployment.

We interview James Fisher to gain SAP's perspective on Business Analytics.

James is the Vice President of solution marketing, analytics at SAP.

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