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Todayís organizations need powerful, flexible solutions to manage the devices and applications employees use every day.

To meet this challenge, organizations are leveraging virtualization, management and security technologies to optimize their desktops.

Application Virtualization is key to transforming applications into centrally managed services that are never installed and donít conflict with other applications.

IT professionals and end-users alike face challenges in todayís work environment.

End-users speak many languages, are geographically dispersed and may not be connected to corporate networks at all times.

IT must meet the needs of these users, and provide solutions that are fast, flexible and reliable.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Ronald Dockery and Matthijs Gates to gain Microsoft's perspective on Application Virtualization.

Ronald is a Senior Product Manager and Matthijs is a Senior Program Manager, both are with Microsoft.

Click here to listen a follow up interview on XenApp and Microsoft App-V Integration with Microsoft's Matthijs Gates and Citrix's David Wagner.

Learn more about Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2013 R2.

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