Logiwa High Volume DTC Fulfillment Improves Warehouse Operations and Business Outcomes






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With online sales rising, many brands, online sellers, 3PLs, and fulfillment networks learned that their existing Warehouse Management Systems were not flexible enough to support and scale high-volume, omnichannel DTC fulfillment.

The trend is driving a spike in demand for Cloud Fulfillment Platforms as companies struggle to fulfill rising orders and look for new flexible solutions.

Leading firms are looking to add automation rules and fulfill twice as many orders with the same staff.

The rapid shift to online orders has forced companies to re-think their delivery experience and fulfillment structures.

Visionaries like Logiwa are shaping the future of WMS through its unique ability to flexibly support high-volume fulfillment, particularly for DTC brands.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Jamie Bobka to gain Logiwa's perspective on Direct To Consumer and Business To Consumer Fulfillment.

Jamie Bobka is the Director of Product Operations and Analytics at Logiwa.

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