Meet Your Big Data Challenge with Text Analytics






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You already know that tracking your assets such as money, real estate, employees, equipment, orders, deliveries and intellectual property is a strategic exercise.

However, you may not have an accurate assessment of some of your most valuable data.

For example, some of your most valuable data may reside in documents, emails, intranets, websites, blogs and wikis.

That unstructured data presents a Big Data challenge when it comes to finding and exploiting business-critical information.

So, to gain a competitive edge, look for a solution that provides deep textual analytics on your unstructured content.

That deeper level of analytics will enable your organization to derive more value from your Big Data.

We interview Scott Coles to gain  ISYS Search Software’s perspective on Text Analytics & Big Data.

Scott is the CEO of ISYS Search Software.

Contact ISYS Search Software at (800) 992-4797 or click here.

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