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It is the goal of Test Data Management (TDM) to systematize the generation and improve the quality, safety, and utility of test data.

TDM has become an IT imperative.

Table views, index orders, key relationships, and file and report contents, must reflect reality to be useful in testing.

Generating realistic values and formats with safe data in ideal ranges -- and populating large targets -- can take a long time with other tools or programs.

To gain a competitive edge, look for a TDM solution which will help you can generate multiple test data targets for test database loads, flat-file structures, and custom report formats from scratch -- all without access to real data.

Many firms are leveraging TDM to anonymize, subset, or otherwise mask real data for production or on-demand or virtualized testing scenarios.

Having a viable, well-reviewed TDM strategy is the best way to assure that the most realistic test data will be on hand.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews David Friedland to gain Innovative Routines International's perspective on Test Data Management.

David is the VP of Business Development at IRI.

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