DarkShield Discovers, Delivers, and Deletes PII in Unstructured Data Sources






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In an information technology era in which both big data opportunities and privacy law exist and converge, there is a pressing need to discover, work with, and protect data hidden in unstructured files.

A vast amount of collected or generated corporate and government data remains hidden in unstructured files, or so-called dark data repositories.

To mitigate the legal, financial, and reputational risk of exposing personally identifiable information or (PII) in these often obscure files, and to comply with data privacy laws like the GDPR, firms need a way to rapidly locate and secure the PII in them.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Lisa Mangino to gain Innovative Routines International's perspective on dark data.

Lisa is a Director of Data Software & Services at Innovative Routines International.

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