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The digital age promises businesses that thereís a better way to work.

But in reality, the flood of new devices and apps that allow people to work however, whenever and wherever they want, often creates more problems.

From users wanting to securely access and share files from anywhere, to IT departments needing to ensure confidential data isnít exposed by the use of vulnerable consumer products, companies need a comprehensive file sharing solution that doesnít devalue existing investments.

Businesses need to overcome the file size, ease-of-use and mobile access limitations of email and FTP with a complete file sharing service that helps users work more effectively, while keeping IT happy.

To gain a competitive edge, select a solution with enterprise-grade encryption and comprehensive controls that seamlessly integrates with existing user applications and IT systems.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Thyaga Vasudevan to gain Hightail's perspective on file sync & share.

Thyaga is a Senior Director of Product Management with Hightail.

Contact Hightail at 1 (866) 558-7363.

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