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Making consistent decisions across your organization is a complex task.

Usually for any one decision, multiple data elements must be evaluated.

In addition, decision making must respond to constantly changing conditions—external factors such as economic changes, competition, or regulations, as well as internally driven changes such as new product launches or new strategies.

Without a sophisticated system for managing rules, it’s highly improbable for an organization to make decisions that avoid losses or drive maximum revenue.

When selecting a business rules management system look for technologies that help IT and business experts work together to develop intelligible, effective rules; to easily maintain, share, and modify rules across the enterprise; and to quickly deploy new process applications with immediate support from the rules system.

We interview Don Griest to gain FICO's perspective on business rules management systems.

Don Griest is Sr. Director, Product Management with FICO.

Contact FICO at 1-888-342-6336 or click here.

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Business Rules Management - How it works

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