Lydia Voice Modernizes Warehouses And Distribution Centers With Vocollect Voice Replacement or Co-Existence







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Innovation is reshaping the picking-technologies landscape in response to the growing need to increase productivity and throughput in distribution centers.

Smaller orders and increased piece-picking require workers to be more efficient and drives organizations toward automation.

Intuitive voice technology; wearable products that streamline manual picking; and advanced robotics that speed up the sorting process in piece-picking operations are helping DCs.

Process improvement is the key driver of today's more advanced technologies.

Cost reduction used to be the primary reason for investing in productivity-enhancing voice-picking technologies.

But, now organizations are streamlining operations to manage the growing complexity of the picking process—while also getting orders out the door faster and more accurately.

Modern voice solutions can increase employee productivity by more than 10 percent.

In addition to individual productivity improvements, today's more advanced voice-picking technology also contributes to increased order throughput across the facility.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Scott Deutsch to gain EPG's perspective on Vocollect Voice Replacement or Co-Exist Solutions.

Scott is the Americas president for supply chain execution and voice software solutions provider Ehrhardt Partner Group. 

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