Cowbell - Cyber Insurance



RStudio - R & Python



Cloudera Time Series Analytics



6 River Systems - Faster Fulfillment



Zebra - Intelligent Fulfillment



SAP Data Hub



Cloudera Data Warehouse Optimization



Cloudera Data Warehouse Optimization



IRI - Dark Data



NEC - IaaS



IRI - Big Data Manipulation



Cloudera Modern Data Warehouse



Outthink Outages with IBM ITOA



SAP - ITOA Real Time Insight



PTC Manufacturing Apps



Correlata - DataCenter Cognitive Analytics



Informatica - Data Intelligence



IRI - Data Masking



HP / Adallom - CASB



HP / Adallom - CASB



IBM - Weather Means Business



Microsoft DevOps



Zebra - Internet of Things



SAP Predictive Analytics



SAP Business Analytics



Application Fluent Unified Access



Analytics Drives Workplace Safety



Business Rules Management



Better Decision Management



Unwire Your Business with MDM



Social Logic


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