Cowbell Factor for Software Supply Chain Improves Precision in Underwriting Cyber Insurance






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Cyber incidents tied to the software supply chain are on the rise.

Cybercriminals continue to infiltrate software and equipment providers, embedding malicious code into new releases or in a simpler iteration, exploiting newly discovered vulnerabilities to infiltrate thousands of organizations’ networks.

Attacks performed through suppliers are not new – the 2015 attack on Target was operated through their HVAC provider and started to raise awareness about security weaknesses tied to an organization’s suppliers.

What’s new with attacks on the software supply chain is that by targeting fairly common applications, criminals are able to propagate cyber attacks on a broad set of organizations.

The more common the software, the wider the net cast by criminals.

Small and medium size organizations are highly susceptible to such attacks as they don’t always have the resources to systematically upgrade deployed applications and systems and patch vulnerabilities.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Caroline Thompson to gain her perspective on the Cowbell Factor for Software Supply Chain.

Caroline is the Head of Underwriting at Cowbell Cyber. 

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