AI Customizes, Quantifies and Optimizes Cyber Insurance






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Insures are making the move to greater digitalization.

Underwriting capabilities are being enhanced with artificial intelligence and new data sources.

Firms are moving from hindsight to foresight to understand their continuous risk.

In cyber insurance, threat actors are continuously evolving their tactics which makes foresight critical.

Digital global supply chains are utilizing new data and technology and are consequently changing the nature of risk.

Leading firms are leveraging cyber policies that are tailored to the unique risk exposures of their organization.

By doing so, firms are not just managing risk, they are gaining insight into how to avoid and prevent exposures.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Rajeev Gupta to gain Cowbell Cyber's perspective on customizing, quantifying and optimizing cyber insurance.

Rajeev is a Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Cowbell Cyber. 

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