Cloudera Data Warehouse Optimization Scales Hundreds of Use Cases, Thousands of Users with Ease





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Data Warehousing is the backbone of every data driven organization, providing mission critical analytics.

Today, modern data warehousing has evolved to meet the intensive demands the newest analytics require to be data driven.

While this “data tsunami” may pose a set of new challenges, it also opens up opportunities for a wide variety of high value BI and analytics use cases that everyone is eager to capitalize on.

Traditional data warehouse vendors may have maturity in data storage, modeling, and high-performance analysis, yet, these legacy solutions are showing their age, and can no longer cost-effectively meet these new demands.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews David Dichmann and Raman Rajasekhar to gain their perspectives on data warehouse optimization.

David is a Director of Product Marketing at Cloudera and Raman is a Senior Product Manager at Cloudera.

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