SAP Data Hub



PTC Manufacturing Apps



RStudio - BI & Data Science



Cowbell Factor for Software Supply Chain



Lydia Voice Replaces Vocollect Voice



RStudio - R & Python



Kovair - Business Composability






IRI / DataSwitch - Data Modernization



Geek+ - E-Commerce Customer Loyalty



Cowbell - AI Optimizes Cyber Insurance



Warehouse Applications at the Edge



Avetta - Procurement - Tech



Kovair - VSDP For Industry 4.0



Control Returns with Inmar



Cowbell - Cyber Insurance



6RS Warehouse Operations Visibility



Kovair VSMP for DevSecOps



Softeon - Warehouse of the Future



6 River Systems - Faster Fulfillment



Geek+ - AMR Solutions



Cloudera Time Series Analytics



Zebra - Intelligent Fulfillment



NEC - IaaS



Cloudera Data Warehouse Optimization



Cloudera Data Warehouse Optimization



SAP - ITOA Real Time Insight



Cloudera Modern Data Warehouse



Outthink Outages with IBM ITOA



AI Tackles Complex Networks


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