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The growth of the enterprise bring your own device trend continues unabated.

BYOD is being driven by higher data rate wireless services and the proliferation mobile apps.

Many smartphones and tablets support both cellular and Wi-Fi services.

Hence, theses devices can be attached to an 802.11 wireless corporate network.

To meet the challenges that this trend has created, the Wi-Fi industry is delivering the 802.11ac standard.

ac leverages 802.11n, which is now the predominant WLAN standard.

802.11n brought improvements in data rates and link efficiencies; but the BOYD trend has created a demand for new set of capabilities such as improved network robustness, reliability and RF bandwidth utilization efficiency.

We interview Matthew Gast to gain Aerohive Networks' perspective on 802.11ac.

Matthew is the director of Product Management at Aerohive Networks.

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Matthew Gast leads development of the core software technologies in Aerohive's fully distributed Wi-Fi network system.

He currently serves as chair of both the Wi-Fi Alliance's security task groups, was the first chair of the Wireless Network Management Marketing task group, and is the past chair of the IEEE 802.11 revision task group.

Matthew is also the author of 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly) , which is now in its second edition and has been translated into six languages. His companion book, 802.11n book, 802.11n: A Survival Guide (O’Reilly), was recently published and provides information on how 802.11n works and what it means for the WLAN planning process.

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