Autonomous Mobile Robots Drive Faster Fulfillment






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Autonomous mobile robots are essentially robots that can move and operate within a warehouse environment without direct supervision from a human operator.

Rather than rely on magnetic strips or tracks, AMRs use sensors and maps to interpret the environment, navigate through the warehouse floor and detect/avoid obstacles.

AMRs can perform several warehouse and order fulfillment functions, including executing pick strategies, transporting goods and materials and guiding/helping associates as they perform their tasks.

AMRs are transforming warehouses by:

Reducing walking time,

Making automation easy to integrate,

Directing workflows to improve accuracy and efficiency,

Enabling flexible capital expenses, and

Augmenting human labor

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Fergal Glynn to gain 6 River Systems' perspective on faster fulfillment.

Fergal is the VP of Marketing at 6 River Systems.

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