Tizen 3.0 on the Raspberry Pi 2

By Samsung OSS Group Team

February 10, 2016

The Samsung Open Source Group is currently in the process of porting Tizen 3.0 to the Raspberry Pi 2 (RPi2). Our goal is to create a device capable of running a fully-functional Tizen 3.0 operating system, and we chose the RPi2 because it is the most popular single-board computer with more than 5 million sold. There are numerous Linux Distributions that run on the RPi2 including Raspbian, Pidora, Ubuntu, OSMC, and OpenElec , and we will add Tizen to this lineup. We face a number of obstacles in accomplishing this, but we hope this will serve as a model for bringing Tizen to a broader range of hardware platforms.

Current Status & Build Process

We have successfully booted Tizen from an RPi2, but it still lacks a lot of standard functionality. We are currently developing a standardized method for installing apps on the devices, but there are quite a few hurdles to overcome.

Get Started

The easiest way to try this out yourself is to download tizen.rpi-sdimg.LATEST from our file server. Once you have the image, you can follow the steps outlined in “Use the Image” on this guide.

If you prefer to try your hand at your own build, check out the latest step-by-step guide here on the blog.

Latest Step-By-Step Guide: Tizen on RPi2: Now Supporting 3d Acceleration

Additional Configurations

Along the way, we have found some hurdles that need to be overcome, these issues have been tackled one-by-one and have guides to go along with them. Each one is individually labeled to show if they are included on our latest image.

  • Enable The Smart Package Manager to Make Adding/Changing Apps Easier – The Smart Package Manager will let you add, remove, and change the software that is included with the Tizen image without requiring the image to be rebuilt every time. This saves a considerable amount of time.
    • Included in latest image!
  • Setup WiFi Connectivity – This will allow you to ssh into the device and connect the device to the Internet over your local WiFi network.
    • Not Included in latest image!

Outdated Guides

These guides have been made obsolete by newer guides and tutorials. They are here for historical purposes.

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