Micro Focus Enhances Fortify App Security

September 12, 2017

Micro Focus has made significant automation advancements to the Fortify application security portfolio that empower developers, testers and operations teams to implement security testing and remediation faster. The updated portfolio delivers better performance, expansion of language support, and enhancements to APIs and integrations.

“The frequency and volume of software development is stretching application security professionals past their capacity. To address that challenge, customers require advanced automation and accuracy at DevOps speed,” said Jason Schmitt, Vice President, Product Management for Micro Focus Security Products. “With Fortify, we are empowering developers, QA and security teams with the most flexible and comprehensive solutions needed to automate secure development.”

Fortify is the only application security provider that delivers both on-premise and SaaS-based offerings that enable customers the flexibility of choice based on their application security needs. The updated portfolio is fully integrated into any DevOps tool chain with enhanced automation capabilities.

Further, Fortify continues to extend its partnerships and integrations through the Fortify Ecosystem and provides GitHub repository access for easy use and implementation. New enhancements highlights include:

• Fortify Source Code Analyzer (SCA) and Software Security Center (SSC):

o Extended language support: Fortify is proud to announce built-in Scala support with Lightbend, upgraded PHP support, .Net Core & MVC and the latest in Java 9.

o Smart View & Tools: Advanced vulnerability visualization and categorization to quickly identify high-priority target areas for remediation. Tool updates to JIRA, TFS, IntelliJ and the delivery of example integration packages in GitHub.

• WebInspect: Advanced automation and integration capabilities for high frequency dynamic testing of Single Page Applications. REST API extensibility for automated incremental dynamic analysis.

• Application Defender: Advanced rules support and agent management covering an industry-leading 31 protection categories.

The updated Fortify portfolio is currently available globally. Click here to learn more about the Fortify Product Family .

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