test IO Launches QA Service for Jira

September 13, 2017

QA Service for Jirais a service that connects Jira Software users directly to QA professionals worldwide who test features, verify fixes, and ensure that software works on every device -- dramatically speeding releases for fast-moving development teams that rely on Jira. test IO’s QA Service for Jira works with test IO’s crowdtesting platform and is available today as an app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

About 70% of test IO’s customers use Jira.

As software teams embrace DevOps principles to push updates to production more frequently, they require faster testing and verification of changes to their code. Crowdtesting meets this need by connecting teams to professional testers who can quickly and reliably test software changes, but many development teams don’t want to add new tools to an already complicated stack. test IO has solved this problem by bringing the power and flexibility of crowdtesting directly to Jira Software.

Without leaving the Jira Software interface, development and QA teams will be able to:

•Run acceptances tests of user stories and epics. test IO’s professional testers interpret the non-technical language of stories and epics, removing the need to develop formal test cases and facilitating real-world feedback from users.

•Verify fixes. Nothing slows developers more than verifying changes to code, especially UI fixes that affect multiple platforms or devices. test IO’s crowdtesters can act automatically as part of a Jira Software workflow process, verifying and reporting fixes using screencasts and retaining records in Jira Software.

•Reproduce hard-to-find bugs. Development teams fear and loathe “Heisenbugs” that seem to wink in and out of existence. With a click of a button, test IO’s crowdtesters will reproduce bugs while providing precise environmental information and screencasts, so developers can focus on coding.

Teams can use test IO’s Testflow API to trigger preconfigured tests via Bamboo and create customized workflows through Jira Software.

Test IO’s crowdtesters interact with the test IO platform, which synchronizes communication with the Jira Software Cloud or Server instance, so there are no additional accounts to provision or security hassles.

"With test IO, it’s as though Jira Software came complete with a thorough QA team as well as an extensive device lab,” said Damon Lanphear, CTO of 98point6, a Seattle-based rapidly growing healthcare technology company. “test IO has become a natural extension of our test automation strategy, enabling our development team to stay focused on delivering features for our patients. They allow us to stay lean while we build our product and continually ship on iOS, Android, and web.”

“The push for developer-driven automation in software teams these days masks the reality that a lot of development time isn’t spent designing and coding; it’s spent checking and verifying,” said Philip Soffer, CEO of test IO. “We help teams win back valuable development hours per week, and we can do it without them leaving the Atlassian tools they love, or changing their work processes.”

QA Service for Jira is available for Jira Software Server and Cloud versions.

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