ScaleArc for SQL Server Released

September 12, 2017

For the first time, customers can direct and load balance database reads and writes within a transaction, dramatically improving performance for custom and packaged applications without changing a single line of code. Customers are already seeing a 2x to 8x improvement in application performance with this unique functionality.

ScaleArc’s database load balancing software deploys between application and database servers to direct traffic into the database on behalf of the application. The software provides app-transparent failover, zero downtime maintenance, and faster application performance. It also speeds adoption of cloud services for database workloads. Until now, applications have always been forced to direct transactions, which typically combine reads and writes, to the primary server to ensure data integrity. ScaleArc’s patented innovation distinguishes reads vs. writes within transactions, directs the writes to the primary, and load balances the reads across the available secondary servers – all while maintaining ACID compliance.

Distributing database loads within transactions is crucial for accelerating performance of applications built with SQL statements wrapped as transactions, leveraging declarative transaction management patterns. Apps buit with the popular development frameworks Hibernate or Spring and well-known commercial applications such as the eCommerce app Hybris all follow this pattern. Cloud-native development platforms such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry also use wrapped transactions. Without ScaleArc’s ability to distribute database load within transactions, these cloud and other business applications cannot benefit from the additional capacity enabled by adding readable secondaries to a database cluster.

“Our group is chartered with helping organizations increase app and database performance all the time,” said David Klee, Founder at Heraflux and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. “Working with off-the-shelf software presents a significant challenge, since our customers can’t modify the code. We can tune the database and instance up to a certain point, but this this new ScaleArc capability is an incredible new method for improving performance for a broad range of business-critical applications. Scaling a database workload outwards was a strategy simply not available to us in the past for most applications – until now.”

“We continue to broaden the range of applications that can deliver faster performance and higher uptime paired with our software,” said Rajkumar Irudayaraj, vice president of products for ScaleArc. “Our innovation in app-transparent failover, intelligent load distribution, and cloud platform enhancements enables our customers to run their business applications with unparalleled uptime and performance.”

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