Realm .NET Debuts

November 14, 2017

Realm .NET aims to make it easier for Microsoft developers to build real-time, responsive mobile apps that deliver an unmatched user experience. Making Realm increasingly compatible with the modern Microsoft stack, Realm .NET extends the company’s mobile data platform to the .NET developer ecosystem and Universal Windows Platform, extending Realm’s long-standing support for Microsoft technologies including the Xamarin mobile framework, Win32 API and Microsoft Azure.

While Apple and Google dominate the front end mobile application market through the Android and iOS operating systems, no stack has achieved dominance as the backend mobile technology needed to support mobile applications. Based on the feedback from the 100,000+ developers using Realm to build mobile apps, the .NET stack is quietly becoming a very credible backend mobile solution.

Realm empowers organizations and developers to build mobile applications that offer real-time features such as messaging and collaboration that were previously only possible for organizations with virtually unlimited IT and developer resources. The Realm Platform consists of a real-time distributed database installed more than 3.5 billion times within iOS and Android applications including Starbucks, SAP, eBay, Intel and Alibaba – coupled with the Realm Object Server, an object synchronization and event handling server that works with Realm's mobile database to keep data in sync across devices seamlessly and automatically. The Realm Platform is deployed at companies in industries such as healthcare, logistics, telecommunications and manufacturing.

“Developers using Microsoft's C# and .NET technologies are the fastest growing segment in the Realm community over the last six months, more than doubling the growth of comparable stacks,” said Alexander Stigsen, co-founder and CEO, Realm. “This impressive growth, coupled with the popularity of the .NET stack, made it an easy decision for Realm to further our commitment to Microsoft technologies to make developing and supporting responsive and engaging mobile applications easy for any company, from startups to Fortune 100 market leaders.”

Realm .NET further extends support for .NET with three additional features:

• Support for .NET, including C#, within Realm’s server-side event-handling framework;

• Support for the Universal Windows Platform within Realm’s real-time synchronization and data encryption technology;

• A two-way data connector between Realm and Microsoft SQL Server, making it easy to integrate applications and features into existing databases, thereby bringing legacy business data to the world of real-time and mobile.

Realm .NET makes C# a first-class citizen on every part of the Realm Platform, enabling developers to build native iOS and Android applications, create data triggers and integration code, and write application logic. Realm’s robust support for the Universal Windows Platform, which provides a common application platform on every device that runs Windows, means a developer can use the Realm Platform’s unique live object database, synchronization engine, and offline-first capabilities to build sophisticated real-time applications and features that work across the majority of modern Microsoft devices, as well as Google Android and Apple iOS devices.

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