Ivanti Integrates with BeyondTrust PAM

December 5, 2017

BeyondTrust Retina and Password Safe are now integrated with Ivanti Patch for Windows. This integration bridges the gap between Security and Operations teams by reducing the time to find, prioritize, and patch system vulnerabilities.

Today’s Security and Operations teams often operate in silos and are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of security alerts they receive on a daily basis. According to ESG Research, Security teams routinely ignore as much as 75 percent of all security alerts.1 Ivanti and BeyondTrust drive down the time spent on bridging the vulnerability gap between Security and Operations teams by automating much of the process. This integrated approach keeps teams working on critical tasks instead of researching what actions to take:

•Speed up the identification of vulnerabilities by mapping detected CVEs from BeyondTrust Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management to the software update supported by Ivanti Patch for Windows.

•Prioritize remediation and reduce risks by integrating BeyondTrust and other third-party threat, vulnerability, and behavioral analytics solutions into Ivanti.

•Reduce time to resolution by automatically pulling credentials from BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker Password Safe into Ivanti Patch for Windows for improved credential management.

“Continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation should be part of every organization’s security practices,” said Morey Haber, vice president of technology at BeyondTrust. “The time and manual work required between identifying a vulnerability and deploying a software update can be a drain on Security and Operations teams.”

“Each time a vulnerability report is handed off it can involve hours of research to identify how to resolve it,” said Chris Goettl, manager of product management for security, Ivanti. “This is critical time an attacker can use to gain a foothold in an organization and access to sensitive data.”

BeyondTrust Retina and PowerBroker and Ivanti Patch for Windows solutions are integrated via an application programming interface (API). The following API guides can be used to facilitate integration, and a sample integration script for BeyondTrust Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management and Ivanti Patch for Windows is provided as well.

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