GE Appliances Intros Smart Products Suite

January 8, 2018

Thanks to the company and its many partners, it’s already possible to tell your dryer to continue tumbling without leaving the couch. And there’s no running out for dishwasher pods, because they were automatically reordered a week ago. In this reality, you are also more confident and accomplished in the kitchen, with assistance from your oven that’s like having a sous-chef at your side.

In close collaboration with leading home brands including Amazon, Google, Nest and others, GE Appliances is integrating WiFi, voice command, app connectivity and more into the products homeowners depend on every day. By making it possible to start the wash cycle from your smartphone, preheat the oven as you’re leaving work and receive alerts your refrigerator needs a new filter, GE Appliances is creating real connections for real life that let owners experience their homes in all new and newly efficient ways.    

“It’s about activating industry-first technologies that make household tasks easier and more enjoyable,” said Shawn Stover who leads the GE Appliances Consumer Internet of Things development team. “We’ve formed strong relationships with many other innovative leaders to make it happen, and now with more than 100 connected models, we have the largest suite of smart appliances with the features owners asked for.”

Amazon Echo
GE Appliances and Amazon Echo have teamed up for the ultimate in home convenience. Take charge of the day’s chores using commands such as, “Alexa, ask Geneva when the dishwasher will be finished.” 

Why is GE Appliances the connected products leader? Consider that the company:

“The potential for the connected household is enormous. By joining appliances to other elements of the home, we can help consumers feel more at ease, lounge around the living room just a while longer or take stress out of their daily routine,” Stover said. “We’re always looking for new ways and new partners to help us stay ahead of owner needs as they evolve.

“The possibilities are endless, and we’ll be first to deliver on those possibilities and our ‘good things, for life’ promise.”

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