Al Dahra Transforms Procurement

January 16, 2019

Procurement in the agriculture business can be complex as it requires compliance with strict regulations that are put in place to safeguard consumer health and environmental safety. And for a global agriculture business with operations in several countries this can be even more of a challenge. Facing this, Al Dahra, a multinational agribusiness specializing in farming and trading, serving more than 45 markets around the world, will implement SAP Ariba in its efforts to digitize and centralize procurement to drive greater efficiency, cost savings and compliance to fuel its growth.

“Our business is all about the availability, accessibility and affordability of animal feed and food products in key global markets,” said Khadim Al Darei, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder, Al Dahra. “Having expanded our global footprint significantly through acquisition, we know we need to standardize on one system for procurement to continue to drive maximum value for our customers. SAP Ariba’s vast business network and cloud-based solutions for managing our spend from end-to-end proved to be the best-in-class solution we were looking for.”

By connecting to Ariba Network and the cloud-based applications for sourcing and procurement delivered on it, Al Dahra will transform its procurement operation in its efforts to achieve these primary goals and more:

  • Reduce expenses by at least 15 percent within a year
  • Centralize and standardize procurement across its global operations
  • Optimize its cost structure to benefit from economies of scale
  • Drive greater efficiency with faster end-to-end transaction cycles
  • Improve strategic sourcing for core products
  • Ensure transparency and compliance across our business

“Technology and digital business networks have fundamentally changed what’s possible for global businesses like Al Dahra,” said Mohammed Al Khotani, head of SAP Ariba, Middle East and North Africa. “This kind of digital transformation enables businesses to form and foster stronger relationships with their business partners in order to optimize value for customers.”

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