Genpact, HOVER Partner for Virtual Adjusting

February 25, 2019

Genpact has partnered with HOVER to strengthen its virtual adjusting services that will provide a better experience for insurance carriers and their customers. Genpact’s comprehensive virtual adjusting services incorporates digital technologies for self-service, photo inspector, and technical inspections made by adjusters.

Whether battling spikes in claims due to adverse weather events or growing customer demands for faster settlement, insurers rely on Genpact to transform claims and achieve the optimal balance between customer satisfaction, accurate loss assessment, and loss-adjusting expense. Genpact has selected HOVER’s 3D technology and measurements to complement its property claims solutions and reduce the costs and time associated with the claims inspection process. With the integration of HOVER’s accurate, interactive 3D models of any property into virtual adjusting services, Genpact’s field resources will be able to safely process a larger number of claims in less time and ultimately offer an improved experience to their customers.

“At Genpact, we incorporate innovative technologies to offer a superior service to our carrier customers and their policyholders,” said Howard Rogers, business leader, Insurance Claims at Genpact. “Recently, Genpact easily deployed HOVER to hundreds of staff who processed thousands of claims during Hurricanes Florence and Michael, validating HOVER’s benefits for our clients, which is why we are excited to be integrating HOVER across all of our digital inspection service offerings.”

HOVER’s technology reduces the time an adjuster needs to be onsite, cutting down on both time and cost, and improving safety. The HOVER platform is used to take photos of the house with a smartphone. Those pictures are then transformed into a 3D model via HOVER’s patented computer vision and deep learning technology, generating precise exterior measurements of the property, including the roof, openings, and all siding line types. The process eliminates human error, allowing Genpact to create highly accurate estimates. Adjusters can work more efficiently, reducing their inspection times on-site by 15-20 percent.

“We are excited to partner with Genpact, a leader in property and casualty insurance claims services. The insurance industry is evolving rapidly, and Genpact is at the leading edge of deploying technology and innovation to create unique value streams for their clients,” said A.J. Altman, Founder and CEO of HOVER. “Our platform is a perfect fit for Genpact as it complements their suite of digital inspection solutions, allowing adjusters to process property claims in a more accurate, timely, and cost-effective manner, creating a better overall customer experience.”

Using the end-to-end domain knowledge Genpact has built running claims operations, the company brings in the power of digital to adopt smart claims processes. From analytics and robotic automation, to AI, Genpact helps insurers free up loss-adjusting resources, shorten the claims cycle, and improve their customers’ experiences. More information is available about Genpact’s services for insurance claims.

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