Nike’s $350 “Back to the Future” trainers crash, have feet of brick

By Paul Ducklin, Sophos

February 25, 2019

We’re not fans of the phrase “First World problem”, not even now it’s in the Oxford Dictionary of English

After all, if humans indeed lived in Africa long before they decided to see what Europe was like, surely Africa ought to be the First World, and we’d count upwards from there?

But no matter – the meaning of the term is now well-established.

An FWP is when someone who already has all of life’s necessities receives the terrible news that their local supermarket will no longer be selling pre-smashed avocado.

So we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the recent troubles reported on Google Play by users of an app called Nike Adapt, used to control Nike’s Back To The Future-like Nike Adapt BB trainers.

(BB, by the way, refers not to the diameter of a specific sort of shotgun and airgun pellet – by convention 4.5mm or 0.177″ – but to the phrase “Built for Basketball”.)

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