Salesforce Focuses on Manufacturing

November 7, 2017

Salesforce introduced new platform services to harness the power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution at Dreamforce. Now every Trailblazer—the hundreds of millions of individuals and their organizations using Salesforce to drive innovation, grow their careers and transform their businesses—will be able to deliver smarter, more personalized digital experiences that place the customer at the center of their business.

"The Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping every business, industry and economy, and the customer is at the center of it all," said Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, Salesforce. "Salesforce is delivering breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence to empower Trailblazers to deliver customer success, develop their careers and contribute to society in meaningful ways."

Today, Salesforce is introducing new services for the Customer Success Platform—with declarative point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools—that will enable even more Trailblazers to re-orient their entire business around a smarter, always-on and more connected customer. Now, Trailblazers can easily unlock the latest advancements in personalization, online learning, artificial intelligence, productivity, mobile and IoT to deliver smarter, more personalized customer experiences:

•myTrailhead: With the launch of myTrailhead, the new modern continuous learning platform, Salesforce is extending its gamified online learning platform to enable every company to customize the learning environment with their own content, branding, look and feel—all with a simple, drag-and-drop user interface. myTrailhead reinvents corporate learning and enablement at every step of an employee's career journey—from custom onboarding trails to company-specific enablement skills.

•myEinstein: Now admins and developers of all skill levels will be able to build custom AI apps across Salesforce, with clicks, not code with two new powerful machine learning platform services: Einstein Prediction Builder, which allows customers to automatically create custom AI models that can predict outcomes for any field or object in Salesforce; and Einstein Bots, which can be trained with historical service and CRM data to quickly and accurately respond to common customer inquiries, resolve routine issues, and seamlessly handoff to customer service agents, if required.

•myLightning: With just a few clicks, Trailblazers can declaratively build customized apps, themes, flows and components, enabling the next level of productivity in their Salesforce user experience. The entire Lightning framework makes it easy to build deeply customized CRM experiences. With myLightning, admins can specify brand images, colors, page background images and more to align with their brand.

•mySalesforce: Now any Trailblazer—from admins to business users—will be able to build and deploy powerful, modern, highly-customized mobile apps with point-and-click tools. mySalesforce will also publish any company's customized mobile app to the App Store and Google Play, including testing and configuring the app before submitting it for approval. Learn more about mySalesforce

•myIoT: Featuring an easy-to-use declarative interface, any Trailblazer—ranging from developers and admins to business users—can leverage IoT data to create rules-based automation for any business process, natively within the Salesforce Platform. Now anybody can combine connected device, sensor and application data with customer context from Salesforce to create proactive sales, service and marketing experiences.

Salesforce also announced the Quip Collaboration Platform, enabling teams to collaborate faster and more interactively in one live document. The Quip Collaboration Platform features Live Apps—applications that can be embedded into Quip that contain real-time data. Now teams can pull together all relevant information they need—docs, spreadsheets, team communications, and live real-time application information—onto one centralized canvas, all in just a matter of clicks. The Quip Collaboration Platform also features out-of-the-box workflow templates to manage team tasks such as developing a product roadmap, preparing for a new product launch and mapping out sales territories.

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