ShotSpotter Nabs $23M Intelligent Gunshot Detection Deal

September 05, 2018

ShotSpotter has signed a new, multi-year contract with the city of Chicago for active coverage areas that span 12 police districts and total over 100 square miles. The contract is for a minimum of three years with options to extend up to five years. The contract value of the three-year agreement is $23 million and could increase depending on future extensions and/or coverage area expansions.

Last May, Chicago law enforcement officials reported that ShotSpotter had contributed to reductions in gun violence in the city and announced an expansion of its gunshot detection coverage area. With the recent expansion and the newly signed contract, Chicago has become ShotSpotter's largest customer.

"This contract represents a huge vote of confidence in ShotSpotter from the city of Chicago and we are proud to be a valued partner in helping them respond to gun violence across this great city," said Ralph Clark, President and CEO of ShotSpotter. "It is also an important milestone for our business because we now have our two largest customers, Chicago and New York City, under contract through mid-2021."

"ShotSpotter has proven to be a key element of our gun violence reduction strategy and we rely on the company as a trusted technology provider to the city of Chicago and our law enforcement professionals," said Eddie Johnson, Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. "Along with helping us close the public safety gap, ShotSpotter has been, and will continue to be, a key component in helping our agency rebuild trust with the communities that we are serving."

With ShotSpotter, Chicago police receive real-time alerts of detected gunfire enabling patrol officers to arrive at a precise location of a shooting event quickly. Instead of relying on the historically low rate of 911 calls, law enforcement can respond more quickly to aid victims, identify witnesses and collect forensic evidence. The system gives police the opportunity to reassure communities that law enforcement is there to serve and protect them and helps to build bridges with residents.

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