JetPack Racing League Debuts

January 2, 2019

JetPack Aviation, the only company in the world to build a true turbine powered personal VTOL. JetPack has launched the worlds first JetPack Racing League and flown two jetpacks together for the first time in history.

The company has spent the past 12 months test flying to determine whether its jetpacks can be flown safely in close proximity to each other. Today it released a video of two of its company pilots flying in formation. JPA CEO and Chief Pilot David Mayman says, We are all really excited about this, it is the first time in history that two jetpacks have flown together, weve done a huge amount of testing and now its time to get racing!

JetPack Aviation specifically tested the impact of exhaust flows on other jetpacks when flying close together. Operations Manager and JetPack Pilot Boris Jarry noted, Its really amazing, we found that we are able to fly within inches of each other with no problems at all the jetpacks are just so stable its incredible.

JPA will invite qualified teams to participate in trials during 2019. The JPA jetpacks used in the racing league are capable of flying at over 200 mph. Mayman says, We are also in discussions with inventors of other VTOL aircraft to determine whether their aircraft are appropriate for the league. We love turbine VTOL technology and want to see the league become a place where other companies can also demonstrate their contribution to the future of transportation.

Boris Jarry added, This really will be an amazing spectator sport, we expect it to grow rapidly. Its possible for trained and skilled pilots to fly within inches of each other while doing incredible speeds. Its an extraordinary thrill for the pilot and the audience will love the sight and sound we sound like a group of fighter jets going past.

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