Introducing BountyCon

By Facebook Staff

January 10, 2019

We are always looking to encourage high-quality security research and make our services more secure. To better identify new researchers in the Asia-Pacific region and incentivize our existing bug bounty community, we are teaming up with Google to launch BountyCon, a joint, two-day invitation-only conference that will take place in Singapore in March. We are excited to get to know researchers from across the region and host some of the top bug hunters from Facebook's and Google’s bug bounty programs to share practical tips for discovering and reporting high-quality vulnerabilities, and to participate in a live hacking event on our respective platforms.

This is just the latest example of joint efforts between our companies on these types of events across Asia and the US that are focused on building relationships with the security community. While we previously emphasized opportunities for our existing researchers, this time we are welcoming broad participation from new researchers, too.

How do I get invited?

We are launching a Capture the Flag competition (CTF) to run on both Facebook and Google through February 20. Our teams have placed a series of hidden flags throughout both platforms to be discovered by anyone who wants to participate in this challenge. Starting today, you can report the flags you find here and review the official rules of the program here.

 As with most CTF challenges, the more flags a researcher finds, the higher the score will be. We will invite people to attend BountyCon from among the highest scoring researchers, and we will cover airfare and accommodations in Singapore. In the event of a tie, the researchers with the lowest cumulated submission time will be selected. While this conference is mainly built for researchers from the Asia-Pacific region, we welcome everyone to compete for a few reserved spots that we are holding for the top worldwide participants who earn the most points.

Good luck, and keep an eye on this page for updates and hints:

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