Boeing To Deploy New Software In Wake Of Aircraft Crashes

March 12, 2019

Boeing, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, says it will be deploying new software in the coming weeks for its 737 Max airliners, which has had two crashes in recent months.

The crashes included one on March 10 that killed 157 people aboard an Ethiopian Airlines jet.

That prompted several countries to ground their fleets of 737 Max jets.

The disasters have prompted alarm over the reliability of the plane.

The aerospace company, headquartered in Chicago, said in a statement on March 11 that it had been working on a flight-control software enhancement for several months in the aftermath of a crash in Indonesia.

Aside from Ethiopian Airlines, China, Indonesia, and Mexico also have grounded all their Boeing 737 Max planes.

Boeing says about 350 737 Max jets are in use around the world, and it has taken more than 5,000 orders since it entered commercial use in 2017.

The jets are designed to be fuel efficient, with larger engines, thus resulting in greater fuel savings.

The U.S. aviation regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration, said in a statement that while others had drawn similarities between the Indonesia and Ethiopia crashes, the agency had not.

"This investigation has just begun and to date we have not been provided data to draw any conclusions or take any actions," the agency said.

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