Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services GA

December 20, 2017

Enterprises can leverage the new iPaaS to power their data-driven digital transformation in a multi-cloud environment, and benefit from a flexible, cloud-based integration and data management solution that is built to scale at the speed of business. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services offers a unified and modern user experience across iPaaS integration patterns and is supported by a modular, microservices architecture that is customizable and easy to navigate. The new iPaaS experience is leveraging the CLAIRE™ engine to provide AI metadata driven recommendations to automate and accelerate integration and data management work.

The IT landscape is evolving to support complex business needs around data management and current solutions are not enough. Enterprises are rethinking iPaaS usage to drive innovation across front end and back end, supporting all levels of users.

According to a June 20, 2017 Gartner report, Survey Analysis: Integration Platform as a Service Turns Strategic, “Although most reference organizations (56%) indicated that they are using their iPaaS for cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-on-premises integration, a growing number are using it for other, not necessarily cloud-centric, use cases (such as B2B, API publishing, mobile app integration, master data management [MDM], Internet of Things [IoT] integration, analytics and data warehousing/data lakes). All of this indicates that these organizations have a mature understanding of the versatility of these offerings.”

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is built on a foundation of trust, with security and privacy as an integral part of the infrastructure successfully audited for compliance with security regulations like HIPAA and certifications like SOC2 type II, SOC3 and more. Additionally, enterprises will be able to use Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services as part of a solution that is compliant with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect May 2018.

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