Bugsnag Wins GV Backing - Releases Dashboard

January 10, 2018

GV (formerly Google Ventures), has joined existing Bugsnag investors Matrix Partners and Benchmark Capital with a $9 million investment in its Series B funding.

Bugsnag also has made enhancements to its Bugsnag product offering, including a releases dashboard that provides insights into the health of each application release and helps release management and engineering leads better manage the application release process and the prioritization of bug fixes.

GV Investment

“Consumers and digital economy workers alike have near-zero tolerance for application crashes. Most users simply abandon an application if it crashes more than twice. As such, the very best software development teams deploy error-monitoring technology to identify, prioritize, and group the most important software bugs for remediation. Bugsnag tightens a critical feedback loop for developers, leveraging machine learning to rapidly improve software quality and user experience,” said GV General Partner Dave Munichiello. “With significant traction and more than 4,000 paying developer teams spanning across highly-respected software companies, we’re optimistic that Bugsnag’s approach to error monitoring will further permeate the Fortune 500.”

Releases Dashboard

The new releases dashboard adds several key capabilities to the Bugsnag platform, including a crash rate indicator that measures the health of each application release. This easy-to-understand and definitive metric shows the health of a software release during each stage of development and at launch. Release management teams can also track the health of releases over time, and manage and prioritize bugs at each stage of development.

“Bugsnag provides engineers with the tools they need to manage and prioritize application errors across the widest range of frontend, backend, web and gaming platforms available,” said James Smith, CEO and co-founder of Bugsnag. “We are excited that GV is joining us in our mission to create tools that help our customers to innovate faster. With our new releases dashboard, Bugsnag empowers engineering teams at companies like AirBnB, Square and Lyft to progress apps from stage to stage with confidence and to measure and respond to application health by release version.”

Application quality significantly impacts the adoption and business success of applications. According to a Compuware survey, nearly 84 percent of users will abandon a mobile application after just two crashes. And app abandonment rates after one use was 23 percent according to a Localytics survey, which signifies the importance of making a good first impression during each release.

Bugsnag Momentum

Bugsnag continues to grow its leadership in the error monitoring and management space. Over 4,000 customers use Bugsnag to improve the quality of over 70,000 applications and projects. The company supports more than 100 open source projects with a free hosted version of Bugsnag, and offers a software developer kit as fully open source code.

Bugsnag is designed to scale and grow with organizations. The company manages more than 2 billion bug reports per day, and supports the top frontend, backend and mobile application development frameworks, including Javascript, Unity, Ruby, iOS, Android, macOS and .NET from a single product. Also, it integrates with common tools such as Jira, GitHub and Slack.

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