Epsagon Wins $4.1M Backing for Serverless Monitoring

March 9, 2018

Epsagon has completed a $4.1 million seed round. Led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, StageOne Ventures and Ariel Maislos, the capital will be used to expand R&D efforts as well as build out Epsagon's marketing and sales units.

While serverless architecture eliminates the need to have access to the infrastructure, typical serverless architectures are highly distributed, event-driven and contain many managed elements, including databases, storage and third-party SaaS-based APIs. This in effect takes control away from the DevOps and R&D teams, making it very difficult to properly monitor the system and understand where potential problems exist.

Epsagon, founded in 2017 by veterans of the Israel Defense Forces' cyber intelligence unit, has built an AI-powered performance monitoring platform for serverless architectures that can predict performance issues before they occur, allowing any company - from SMBs to large enterprises - to eliminate downtime by proactively identifying and flagging potential problems.

Epsagon's AI technology can quickly understand where the trouble spots are located, providing customers with 100% visibility into their systems, enabling them to understand how different events are connected as well as the ability to quickly troubleshoot, and eliminate, issues.

"For serverless architecture, the name of the game today is all about understanding what is going on inside your system in a manner which not only gives you the ability to easily troubleshoot when needed, but that can predict problems you don't even know exist yet," said Nitzan Shapira, Co-Founder and CEO of Epsagon. "We have built a dedicated solution that answers the unique needs that serverless architectures demand - and the feedback we have received from our pilot customers indicates that we are solving a major challenge for their respective businesses."

As opposed to older APM providers that only offer support for monolithic applications, or newer startups that can't provide a dedicated solution for serverless architecture, Epsagon focuses on delivering an automated end-to-end analysis for distributed applications, giving the company a unique opportunity to quickly capture significant market share.

"Serverless architecture will become a dominant platform in the years to come and Epsagon is addressing a major challenge faced by companies adopting serverless," said Yoni Cheifetz of Lightspeed Venture Partners. "From our first time meeting with the founders, the Epsagon team has exceeded our expectations and we are very excited to be working together."

"The growing number of companies moving to serverless architectures, along with the parallel increase in applications, has made managing the systems extremely tedious and challenging," said Yoav Samet of StageOne Ventures. "Epsagon's solution is perfectly suited to meet the demands of today's cloud-first, application-heavy enterprise environments."

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