Fujitsu Provides HMG with Hybrid Cloud Roadmap

April 16, 2018

Fujitsu has designed a roadmap of services to support public sector organizations with their cloud and hybrid IT strategies, specifically to overcome the unique challenges they may have including migrating infrastructure to Crown Hosting Data Centers, the joint venture setup in 2014 between HMG Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centers.

The modular services are designed to be customized to the unique needs of central or local government to create the right hybrid environment. The model supports departments, agencies or authorities aligning with a “cloud first” strategy, allowing them to gain the flexibility and scalability of the cloud while accounting for existing infrastructure that is not suitable for migration. Moving government services to the cloud is a key part of the Government Transformation Strategy and Crown Hosting Data Centers presents an extremely cost-efficient co-location offering.

However, departments can struggle to design an IT environment that strikes the right balance, due to the complexity of existing infrastructure and the variety of options available. Fujitsu has worked alongside Crown Hosting Data Centers to develop a consultative model that enables government IT departments to define their ideal roadmap to the cloud. Available to purchase through Crown Commercial Service agreements such as G-Cloud and Technology Services 2, Fujitsu will work to understand an organization's existing infrastructure, including what applications can or cannot be moved to the cloud and what infrastructure would be suitable for migration. What is then delivered is an actionable roadmap to the perfect hybrid environment, aligned to future operating models, ambitions and aspirations.

“Crown Hosting Data Centers provides hosting services at an exceptionally competitive rate supporting departments and authorities on their journey to an agile, scalable and responsive hybrid environment,” said Greg McDaid, Head of Public Sector and Transport at Fujitsu UK & Ireland. “But it’s also critical that government is able to design the IT environment that works for them. We’re extremely pleased to offer these specific set of services, that will enable government to overcome some of the current challenges to realize the best route forward and then execute it.”

“Government departments are keen to adopt cloud computing and set themselves up for a digital future,” said Crown Hosting Data Centres chief executive Steve Hall. “However, to undertake that transition departments must manage their legacy systems – and designing the right hybrid IT environment is critical. Organizations that leverage the correct Crown Commercial Service agreement that will enable Departments to define the best mixture of private and public cloud and co-location with Crown Hosting, and so set them up for their long-term transformation.”

“From recent research we have done, 86% of those in central government say that technology is driving positive change in their organization, and digital technology will be critical to the future of the public sector,” added McDaid. “By creating the right migration strategy, departments can make the best use of their existing infrastructure and set themselves up for success in their future digital ambitions.”

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