Rookout Debugger for AWS Lambda Debuts

June 4, 2018

Rookout has made the first production debugger for AWS Lambda, Amazon's leading serverless computing platform. For the first time, software engineers will now be able to painlessly debug their live serverless functions.

Serverless is the latest major innovation in computing infrastructure, growing at an estimated 700% annually as companies seek to take advantage of the flexibility and convenience it offers. In serverless, functions are executed in the cloud without any need for developers to create or maintain virtual machines or containers. Serverless infrastructures are scalable, cheap and easy to use, with Amazon Web Services Lambda leading the market.

The same things that make serverless useful are also barriers when it comes to development and deployment; each function runs in its own instance in the cloud, making it hard to monitor exactly how it is operating. Lambda functions communicate with various sources, from third-party APIs that can change any time to Internet-of-Things devices with unpredictable real-world inputs. To debug serverless apps, a developer has to create a test environment and try to simulate these varied sources, using guesswork and hoping for the best.

Rookout works like a debugger on the live serverless code on Lambda in production. Using its friendly IDE, a developer can simply click on the part of code they want to instrument and then get a full stack trace or any variable state, all from the live code without stopping or changing anything in the environment. Rookout gives an unprecedented level of visibility to serverless code and how it actually behaves in the real world, not just in a simulated environment.

"Serverless is a natural evolution path for cloud computing," said Rookout co-founder and CEO Or Weis. "But it presents new challenges when it comes to debugging. Rookout lifts the veil and lets developers get full debug data from their production Lambda functions while they run serverlessly."

"The sheer speed of serverless development means that complex bugs occur in production," said Liran Haimovitch, Rookout co-founder and CTO. "Bugs happen, and they cost a lot of money. Now with Rookout, serverless doesn't have to be a black box; developers can see inside Lambda and find out exactly what's really happening in production, letting them take full advantage of the new serverless infrastructures."

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