Intesa Sanpaolo, Mastercard Pilot Biometric Bank Card Project

November 15, 2018

Intesa Sanpaolo and Mastercard presented a first pilot project of contactless payment card with biometric technology implemented in Italy . A test that involves users in the cities of Turin, Milan and Rome for a period of 16 weeks.

The new biometric card allows you to combine the advantages of chip technology with those of biometrics to verify the identity of the holder in a comfortable and secure way. In this case the biometric technology used is based on the recognition of fingerprints, as already happens for some payment systems with mobile phones.

The testing phase developed by Intesa Sanpaolo and Mastercard also allows for the first time in Europe to test the use of a biometric card which is also equipped with contactless technology, thanks to which it is sufficient to bring the card closer to the POS terminal to away at the transaction. The paper biometric chip works thanks to the energy of the POS terminal. Speed ​​and ease of use therefore add up to an advanced consumer identification system, paving the way for future payments.

The biometric data of the holder are collected at the branch through a special device that can store and safely store the fingerprint on the card. To pay, it is then sufficient to bring it close to the POS terminal by keeping your thumb on the card sensor. In this way the process of verification of the impression will be activated, at the end of which the purchase will be authorized. A system that greatly increases the level of security and protection from possible fraud and identity theft.

Biometric cards can be used all over the world and are recognizable by any EMV certified POS and ATM terminal.

"We are excited to present this innovative project together with Intesa Sanpaolo, the first in Italy and in Europe. In Mastercard, as a new technology enabler, we work constantly with our partners to enable cutting-edge technologies, such as biometrics, to improve the daily lives of consumers, enriching their payment experience and guaranteeing simplicity and security to every transaction. " declared Antonio Di Meo, Mastercard Vice President of Accounting .

" We are proud to have taken the first step to introduce a card in Italy whose technology offers the user clear concrete advantages, in line with our choice to anticipate and facilitate the dissemination of truly functional innovations to people's everyday banking . The pilot project Intesa Sanpaolo-Mastercard, realized with the support of the Mercury Payment System, also makes use of the contribution of Gemalto, a global operator that has provided the technology for the creation of new biometric cards and the tools necessary for storing the fingerprint on the chip ", stated Cinzia Bruzzone , Intesa Sanpaolo's Retail Manager .

The advantages of biometrics

Biometric technology allows a fast and convenient authentication experience at the point of sale and guarantees an additional level of security.

No technological adaptation is required for the operator: the card is in fact compatible with the existing EMV terminal infrastructures and does not entail any further hardware or software updates.

Finally, biometric technology allows issuers to detect and prevent fraud, increase approval rates, reduce operating costs and encourage customer loyalty.

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