CYBEATS IoT Radar App Available on the Palo Alto Networks Framework

January 16, 2019

On the heels of a $3M seed investment, Cybeats has relased its IoT Radar app for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework. The Application Framework is a cloud-based framework that extends the capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, which allows organizations to rapidly consume and implement a variety of innovative cloud-based security applications from any provider, large or small.

Cybeats deploys internal defense, monitoring and lifecycle management for IoT devices to protect against known and unknown threats. By taking an “inside-out” approach to cybersecurity, Cybeats deploys its microagent firmware at the point of manufacture, complementing the existing software and hardware of the device to ensure it will not be compromised. The IoT Radar app allows customers to correlate their IoT monitoring data with Palo Alto Networks network data to increase visibility into an attack, enhance coverage across the network and IoT devices and provide more accurate detection.

Dmitry Raidman, CEO and co-founder, Cybeats said, “Cybeats is thrilled to work with Palo Alto Networks in bringing efficient, reliable cybersecurity products to market faster. IoT devices are becoming an integral part of organization’s IT environments, but security has traditionally not been top of mind in their deployment. This leaves devices open to vulnerabilities, and we are seeing the number of threats on IoT devices grow rapidly. Cybeats technology provides real-time detection and neutralization to the cybersecurity threats that target IoT devices.”

Lee Klarich, chief product officer, Palo Alto Networks added, “We are thrilled to see the debut of third-party applications for our customers, and we welcome Cybeats to the Application Framework developer community. Together, we are fueling innovation in the cybersecurity market by completely changing the way that organizations test, deploy, and manage security. This important advancement will make organizations everywhere more secure and help protect our way of life in the digital age.”

The IoT Radar app on the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework:

Analyzes the network connection and provides insights into known and unknown IoT threats;

Shows insights about connections made to rogue networks and displays transferred data; and

Visualizes the IoT devices on the network, identifying devices with known vulnerabilities.

Cybeat’s IoT Radar App is now available on the Palo Alto Network Application Framework.

The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework is now available worldwide to customers.

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