dtSearch Debuts New Beta Release

June 11, 2018

dtSearch made the beta release of a cross-platform .NET Standard SDK along with Xamarin and .NET Core APIs and sample code. The new beta covers Windows, UWP, Linux, Android, macOS and iOS.

The .NET Standard/.NET Core/Xamarin SDK beta comes as an addition to the dtSearch Engine's existing C++ and Java APIs for Linux, macOS and Android (with Android in beta), as well as C++, Java and .NET APIs for Windows and UWP. The beta includes the first dtSearch Engine coverage for iOS.

dtSearch products work with a broad spectrum of data, including "Office" documents, PDF, compression formats, emails and multilayer nested attachments, online data and databases. In addition to the dtSearch Engine SDKs for Windows, UWP, Linux, Android, macOS and now iOS, dtSearch also has enterprise-ready products: Desktop with Spider, Network with Spider, Web with Spider, and Publish.

General features across the dtSearch product line include:

Terabyte Indexer and Multithreaded Searching. dtSearch products can index over a terabyte of text in a single index. The index can cover multiple data sources, including different directories, email stores with attachments, databases and other online data. dtSearch products can create and search any number of indexes, and can search indexes during updates. The products support efficient multithreaded searching, with no limit on the number of concurrent search threads.

Over 25 Search Options; International Language Support. The dtSearch product line has over 25 search types, including special forensics search options like the ability to identify credit card numbers and generate and search for hash values. For international languages, dtSearch products support Unicode, including support for right-to-left languages, and Chinese/Japanese/Korean character handling options.

Faceted Search and Other Data Classification Options. The dtSearch Engine SDKs supports categorization based on document full-text contents, internal document metadata, database content, or data attributes associated with documents during document indexing. The dtSearch Engine also has APIs for faceted searching and other advanced data classification methods.

Document Filters. The product line uses dtSearch's own document filters to parse, extract, convert, etc. data in supported data types including "Office" files, PDF, compression formats, emails and multilayer nested attachments, online data and databases. After a search, the document filters can display retrieved files and other data with multicolor highlighted hits. The document filters are built into the entire dtSearch product line, and also available for separate licensing.

Federated Searching and the dtSearch Spider. dtSearch products offer federated searching across any number of databases, directories and email repositories. The dtSearch Spider adds local and remote online content to a search. The Spider can index sites to any level of depth, with support for public and secure online content. Federated searching includes integrated relevancy ranking (including multicolor highlighted hits) across both online and offline data.

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