Rock Your Resume With Resume Assistant From LinkedIn + Microsoft

By Kylan Nieh, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn 

February 9, 2018

Now Available to Office 365 Subscribers on Windows in Select Regions

Last year, we announced Resume Assistant, which integrates the power of LinkedIn directly into Microsoft Word to help you craft your most compelling resume yet. Today, Resume Assistant is available to Office 365 subscribers on Windows to help showcase the best version of you and land the job you love.

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With over 15 million job applications being submitted on LinkedIn every week, finding the right way to represent your unique experience is important. By regularly updating your resume, youíll already be one step ahead when the time comes to find your next role.

Hereís how you can make the most of Resume Assistant:

  • Showcase your unique skills and experience. Resume Assistant gathers insights from millions of LinkedIn profiles to inspire you with examples of how others in similar roles - or aspirational roles - describe their work experience, directly within Microsoft Word. Use these examples as inspiration to frame your own personal experiences or shine a spotlight on your unique set of skills to make sure you stand out from the crowd.
  • Ditch the one-size-fits-all resume. More than 50% of professionals find it challenging to customize their resume for a specific role. Resume Assistant provides the top skills other professionals in your desired role and industry have, as well as job requirements from real job postings. You can then think about how your applicable skills can be transferable for the role you want, then tailor your resume to fit that role.
  • Seek out help along the way. Having an expert whoís familiar with the intricacies of writing a resume can be a great way to help you get the creativity flowing. Use ProFinder, LinkedIn's freelance hiring marketplace, directly from Resume Assistant, to connect with experts who can help you with interview techniques, career coaching, and resume writing.  
  • The right job for you is closer than you think. Writing your resume is only half the journey; finding and landing the job thatís right for you comes next. After selecting a role and desired industry, Resume Assistant will surface relevant job opportunities for you directly within Microsoft Word. Once you spot a job you like, go directly to the job opening on LinkedIn to learn more about the opportunity and apply. You can even let recruiters know that youíre open to new opportunities by turning on Open Candidates, making you twice as likely to hear from recruiters.

And of course, donít forget to let your passion shine through in your resume and LinkedIn profile to showcase your unique strengths and genuine interest in the role.

Resume Assistant can make it easier than ever for you to put your most successful self forward when applying for your next role. Be on the lookout for availability across other operating systems, as well as additional regions and languages in the coming months. Learn more about availability in your region and how to use the feature.

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