Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2 now available

By Erin Dormier, Microsoft

January 25, 2019

Today, we released Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2. This is our last planned prerelease before our final release of Azure DevOps Server 2019. RC2 includes some new features since RC1. You can upgrade from Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC1 or previous versions of TFS. You can find the full details in our release notes.

Here are some key links:
Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2 ISO
Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2 Web Install
Release Notes

Here are some highlights of the new features:

Link GitHub Enterprise commits and pull requests to Azure Boards work items
Teams can now integrate their GitHub Enterprise repositories with Azure Boards. By connecting GitHub and Azure Boards, you can get all of the features like backlogs, boards, sprint planning tools, multiple work item types and still have a workflow that integrates with developer workflows in GitHub.

Configure builds using YAML
Automate your continuous integration pipeline using a YAML file checked into your repo. This Configuration as Code allows you to have versioning and tracing for your build configurations. For more information, a complete reference for the YAML schema can be found here.

Draft pull requests
In order to prevent pull requests from being completed before they’re ready and to make it easy to create work in progress, we now support draft pull requests.

We’d love for you to install this release candidate and provide any feedback at Developer Community.

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