Cloudability Expands Partnership with Atlassian

July 11, 2018

Cloudability has made a new addition to its partnership with Atlassian with the launch of its Jira Rightsizing integration. Jira Cloud can now receive Cloudability’s cost-saving rightsizing recommendations directly through Jira workflows, enabling DevOps teams to integrate cloud spend optimization into their processes.

Companies are struggling to control cloud costs with underutilized cloud resources accounting for billions of dollars in public cloud spend. Industry research has found that “without cost optimization” businesses could be overspending by more than 80 percent. A proven way to slash these costs by as much as 20 to 40 percent is by rightsizing cloud instances. Without the right tools, rightsizing can be time-consuming, tedious, manual and error-prone work due to the vast amount of raw data that needs to be processed and analyzed.

"Wouldn't it be great if instead of having to pull data out of Cloudability, put it in a spreadsheet, then paste data into separate Jira issues assigned to different teams responsible for managing cloud spend, we could just use a Jira Software app integrated with Cloudability?” said Atlassian. “Your team should talk to Atlassian's SaaS partnerships team about that. We (and a lot of your other customers) would use that app!"

Cloudability’s data science and machine learning capabilities empower DevOps teams with deep, actionable insights and visibility into cloud usage and spend in a precise, accurate and timely manner. The Rightsizing Recommendations Engine uses statistical modeling and risk measurement algorithms to provide multiple recommendations sorted by the instances that would deliver maximum savings for the organization.

Given the ability to act on Cloudability recommendations within Jira's workflow, teams can quickly and efficiently collaborate around cloud resources and rightsizing recommendations.

“Our rapidly-growing customer base really loves our public cloud Rightsizing Engine due to how we have applied machine learning in this area,” said Matthew Scott, VP of Strategy and Alliances at Cloudability. “We’re lucky to have Atlassian not only as a client but as a partner collaborating on this integration. Atlassian’s feedback and investment help speed up how quickly and efficiently our joint clients can begin saving money.”

The Jira Cloud Rightsizing integration includes the ability to:

Optimize cloud use for DevOps in less time

Provide visibility into Cloudability's Rightsizing recommendations in any project in your Jira instance.

Leverage powerful Views capabilities to globally filter data and determine the prioritized list of resources to be rightsized based on projects or teams.

Send rightsizing recommendations for AWS EC2 and EBS.

Create Jira issues in Cloudability

Select a resource to be rightsized and simply create an issue from within Cloudability

Assign the issue to a project and track with a link to the Jira issue.

Enable DevOps teams to take action

Provide key, actionable information to rightsize resources and save money

Issues contain all relevant information for the resource, including type, ID, savings delivered and tags associated with the resource.

The Cloudability Rightsizing Jira integration is now available in the Atlassian Marketplace at no charge for Cloudability and Jira Cloud customers.

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