Couchbase, Infosys Partner for Field Service Apps

October 17, 2018

Couchbase is offering a new solution designed to help enterprises provide fast, scalable, secure and always-on applications to their global and mobile field workforce in partnership with Infosys>, a global leader in consulting, technology, and next generation services. Powered by the Couchbase Data Platform, the Field Service solution with offline capabilities will enable enterprises to develop and implement an “offline-first” strategy while modernizing their application landscape to deliver exceptional user experiences and support a more effective workforce.

The Field Service solution is designed to ensure businesses can remain agile by leveraging applications that are “always-on” to keep pace with accelerating digital transformation that would otherwise leave them behind. Based on the Couchbase Data Platform, organizations can avoid many issues that have previously affected global field application deployment, such as limited or no capability when the network connection drops, or applications that cannot match their development performance when rolled out at scale.

Gautam Khanna, VP and Head of Modernization Practice, Infosys said, “One of the greatest challenges that large enterprises face in their digital journey is to develop applications, for their field workforce, that can provide the same user experience irrespective of whether they are online or not. By partnering with Couchbase, we can help our customers develop applications with an ‘offline-first’ approach thereby enabling their field work force improve customer reach and be able to cover the last mile. Lack of connectivity will no longer be an application exception.”

Matt Cain, President and CEO, Couchbase added, “Digital transformation initiatives are being driven by companies around the world as they aim to use technology to get closer to their customers and change the way they do business. And those organizations that struggle to transform risk being left behind. The aim of the Couchbase Data Platform is to enable massively interactive enterprises to provide revolutionary customer experiences. With this new solution and the strong partnership between Couchbase and Infosys, we can help enterprises realize the potential of their digital strategies to enable their competitive advantage.”

The new solution will create faster time-to-value for enterprises by accelerating the entire development process from initial proof of concept to final roll-out. Enterprises in all industries can therefore concentrate on creating applications that make the most out of their data and empower field workers, including:

•Real-time crew management, allowing airlines to ensure they always have the right crew, in the right place, for the right aircraft, with the right information

•Reduced service downtime, giving utility company field engineers the information and support they need to fix issues first-time, no matter the location

•Powering the industrial internet, allowing machine-to-machine communication in manufacturing lines and creating the foundations for a massively interactive enterprise

•Mobile lending, enabling the bank mobile lenders to have an informative discussion with their potential customers

•Sales Rep for store calls, improve productivity of sales reps by significantly reducing manual data entry

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